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Annual Grenoble Hike the Bastille/Tour the City/Pizza on the River

Join us for a fun day in beautiful Grenoble! We are planning to bus it to Grenoble, hike up to the Bastille (if you have children or don’t like to hike, you can take the cable car for a fee), tour the city and then enjoy some great pizza on the river. Please contact us ASAP if you would like to join us.

Bus schedule

Price : 9,98€ /person for round trip bus ticket.

8h20 in Gare routière Perrache - Grenoble 9h55

We come back at:

17h45 - 19h20 Gare routière Perrache

>>Hike (free) or tele cabin (8,50€/person)<<

We will provide a snack at the top where the Bastille is located.

Lunch: 10 euros per person for pizza at a restaurant next to the Iser river.

Sign up until the 20th of february with either:

Inés 0683887955

Vlad 0623264119