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Movie Festival "Lumière Festival 2018 Movies For All Ages

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French premiere

Orson Welles lives on!
The Other Side of the Wind

The result of a turbulent genesis and a 50-year-long project, Orson Welles' last, legendary film has just been completed, thanks to the efforts of three producers, Filip Jan Rymsza, Jens Koethner Kaul and Frank Marshall, as well as director Peter Bogdanovich. The film’s resurrection, along with its premiere at Lumière 2018, is a major event for admirers of Welles and film historians alike.

The festival mâchon!

Sunday, October 21 at 8:30 in the morning, join in at La Meunière!

MÂCHON : noun, to chew. A gastronomy tradition of Lyon ser- ved bright and early in the morning by typically local restaurants with a menu based on pork dishes or tripes, washed down with glasses of Beaujolais or Mâcon.

What better way to close out the glorious film festival marathon of Lumière than a solid meal shared with friends and film lovers... early in the morning?

Once again this year, the celebrated Lyonnais bouchon La Meunière welcomes all cinema fans for the famous “festival mâchon,” which respects the rules of Lyon’s gastronomic tradition to the letter.

Camaraderie, good humor and a canaille menu are created especially for you by chef Olivier Canal, well-known by gourmets of the region, and his accomplice in the dining room, Annick Roman. A moment of the festival not to be missed. 

Lumière festival

10 cult films for young movie buffs

Lumière festival

10 cult films for young movie buffs  




With ten days’ worth of films, including over 400 screenings in Lyon and its metropolis, the Lumière festival reaches a wide audience with varying tastes. It can therefore be difficult to choose from the myriad of screenings listed in the line-up. Lumière suggests a selection of films with scandalous, unruly or cult reputations that can appeal to a young audience eager to enjoy gems of the festival. 


We have momentarily slipped into the shoes of a young film buff to compose a tailor-made program. Already envious of the tantalizing list, we are nevertheless immediately confronted with the grueling ordeal of scheduling. How can we fit in all the screenings without the gift of ubiquity? We have an ace up our sleeve: free accreditation for ages under 25. Follow our lead!