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Salon Gastronomique de Lyon


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Building on the success of the 1st edition, Le Groupe Progrès organizes the 2nd Gastronomic Fair in Lyon

The concern for quality serves as a base for this annual event where all the actors of the agro-gastronomic sector have their place. PDOs, PGIs, territorial brands and leading trade unions benefit from dedicated spaces. A festive and convivial event, the Salon Gastronomique de Lyon invites visitors to taste and buy the products that will be presented to them.

In parallel, a program of animations also very varied and festive will allow the visitors to be initiated to the tasting or to the kitchen, to savor original meals on the numerous thematic places of restoration proposed and to take part in nocturnes originals them -Also, very festive.

A rich and diversified entertainment program to satisfy all audiences: 

- TV set with live broadcast on the social networks of the fair highlights and interviews with partners and exhibitors

- Presence of TV partners, national and regional radio

- Introductory sessions for tasting

- Auction

- Shows cooking animated by great star chefs

- Induction of personalities via the brotherhood of the Salon Gastronomique of Lyon and wine or gastronomic fraternities

- Many prizes to be won: packed baskets, places for initiation to tasting, bottles of wines / spirits, accessories, etc.

- And many surprises ..!

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